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smarter cyber

Our commitment to cyber has three key steps: Smart Insure, Smart Cyber Services and Smart Response. With access to the latest technology, global data, and award-winning cyber experts, we offer flexible and comprehensive cover for businesses, individuals and families. Through rigorous risk assessments, we can help empower you to actively implement measures to reduce losses.




Smart Insure

We continually protect your business once you are insured with Emergence with real time risk management. Along with your policy you’ll also receive a bundle of services at no extra cost. These services, offered in partnership with cyberSuite, include valuable resources like cybersecurity coaching, a free one-hour consultation, continuous scanning of your online infrastructure for vulnerabilities, and monitoring the dark web for potential data risks.


Smart Cyber Services

We provide real-time risk management and help you with threat prevention and rapid recovery. At Emergence, we combine the intelligence of our technical experts with cutting-edge technologies, data and analytics to proactively identify and tackle new threats. We analyse potential risks thoroughly to ensure accurate coverage, threat prevention and rapid recovery.


Smart Response

In the event of a cyber incident, every minute counts. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists is available 24/7 to promptly respond. Upon detection, we assign a cyber breach coach who swiftly conducts triage of the event and assembles a team of experts to assist you in recovering and securing your systems.

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