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Important alert for Emergence policyholders: “Wannacry / Wannacrypt”

As extensively covered in the news, a new and aggressive strain of ransomware recently wrecked havoc to organisations around the globe. To assist policyholders with any concerns, our partner, Storm IT has provided the following risk management tips that we suggest you pass onto your clients.

Short Checklist for Ransomware Protection

Ask your IT specialists / department to give you assurance on these five points as part of your cyber-security arrangements:

  • Upgrade all obsolete/unsupported systems and ensure all systems have the latest security updates applied.
  • Check data backups or system snapshots to ensure they are very recent and disconnected/air gapped from your network once complete.
  • Ensure email is passed through effective content filters and that all users are made aware not to blindly trust email messages.
  • Regularly review user access permissions to data and restrict them to the absolute minimum needed.
  • Implement two-factor authentication, especially to all remote access and online services.

Finally, we take this opportunity to remind any policyholders that if your business is the victim of a ransomware attack or other cyber-security incident then please immediately ring our 24/7 hotline on 1300 799 562 or email we remain prepared and ready to assist.

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