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How do I continue Cyber Event Protection coverage with Emergence?

It’s easy, however, the changeover to our new portal means the process is slightly different.

1. The new broker portal contains a file with basic information about your insured. Please search using the insured’s name under the Insured filter in the portal.

2. Open the file.

3. You’ll note that the inception and expiry dates correspond to the currently in force policy, so these will need to be updated prior to getting a quotation.

4. Review, and where necessary amend the details and Risk Questions to ensure that they meet the current requirements of your client*.

5. Once you are satisfied the information and option choices are correct you can FINALISE QUOTE to produce the quotation document, then bind the policy.

Please note :

Emergence Insurance has received Lloyds cover holder status. As a result, all policies will be processed as New Business.

*We have introduced additional Optional Covers including Cyber Theft & Telephone Phreaking, as well as cover for Tangible Property. Contingent Business Interruption remains available to all, but has become an Optional Cover. It’s now possible to choose a different Excess. We’ve introduced a flexible Indemnity Period. You can choose from 30 up to 365 days protection.

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