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Emergence well positioned to respond to Petya Ransomware attack

On the afternoon of 27 June 2017 reports began to surface regarding ransomware called Petya and how it has impacted several countries.

Emergence has been actively monitoring developments in relation to the spread of the Petya ransomware attack.

Emergence, in partnership with our cyber incident response partner, Cunningham Lindsey, are ready to deal with any Petya ransomware issues our Insureds may encounter.

We have experience in handling ransomware issues and are fully versed with the challenges faced by a business when its data is encrypted (locked).

Cunningham Lindsey have the largest global team of cyber experts of any adjusting company in the world and have centres in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, US, Canada, South America and Asia and are ready to assist.

Their Technology and Cyber Adjusters are supported by Legal, Forensic ICT and FAS Global – their team of forensic accountants who specialise in the quantification of business interruption and financial losses following cyber events.

Additionally, our experience of dealing with malware and ransomware incidents, like Petya and WannaCry, allows us to provide thought leadership and guidance where issues arise.

Should you have any computers that are infected with Petya and your machine has crashed or powered off, DO NOT POWER UP AGAIN. Our Cyber Incident Response Team has been able to ascertain that so long as you do not proceed past the CHKDSK message, your files are safe and can be recovered in full using a LiveCD or external machine.

We understand the complexities of managing cyber incidents and are focused on making sure Insureds get access to the very best of technical skills, industry specific knowledge and best practices to ensure a consistent and effective response.

Should you require assistance please contact our Cyber Incident Response Hotline on 1300 799 562.

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