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Emergence announces new senior underwriting team

Emergence is delighted to unveil an exciting transformation within its senior underwriting team.

Emergence CEO Troy Filipcevic says: “These changes reinforce the Emergence commitment to our valued brokers and our value proposition.

“We are thrilled to make well-deserved internal promotions and extend a warm welcome to new team members who are joining our rapidly expanding organisation.”



Jeff Gonlin – Chief Underwriting Officer

Jeff has more than 40 years of insurance and reinsurance experience across all casualty lines of business and every major market globally. Jeff joined Emergence six years ago and has been responsible for our market leading product and guided our underwriting successes.



Rachael Walley – Head of Corporate Cyber

Rachael is a seasoned risk professional with more than 14 years’ experience in insurance across both underwriting and broking. She is a cyber specialist. Rachael says: “I’m proud to work for an underwriting agency that is solely focused on providing policyholders with solutions that help protect against, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.”



Shaun Oliver – National Underwriting Manager

Shaun brings more than 20 years of leadership and strategic insurance experience to Emergence and a proven track record in leading high-performing teams. Before transitioning into cyber, his expertise has included multi-class underwriting, casualty for energy and construction within the APAC region, portfolio management, product development and continuous improvement.


Tim Barratt – Underwriting Operations Manager

Tim has almost 10 years in the insurance industry across claims and underwriting. His previous role was Underwriting and Systems Manager. Tim says: “By dedicating 100% of our efforts to cyber, we become experts at it. We look forward to continuing to support our brokers to help them safeguard their clients against the escalating cyber threat.”



Laura Mansfield – Senior Underwriter

Laura is now a Senior Underwriter at Emergence, where she has advanced her career over the past five years. She specialises in cyber underwriting for SMEs and large corporations, and personal cyber. Laura says: “I thrive on collaborating with brokers across Australia and New Zealand to align underwriting decisions with clients’ needs.”



Josh Parkinson – Senior Underwriter (Corporate)

Josh has more than 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry across claims, broking and underwriting. He says: “Cyber insurance has been the most challenging but rewarding experience yet. It has been great working with brokers to find solutions for their clients and help protect them against cyber events.”


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