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Our cyber incident
response process.

  • Step 1: Report a cyber event

    Call the 24/7 cyber event reporting line 1300 799 562

    Contact us online 

    Advise us through your insurance broker.

    The incident response team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We help you manage and respond to the cyber event and get you back to your best.

  • Step 2: Cyber event management and response

    Understand the issue.

    Determine the best approach.

    Appoint the appropriate response team, which could include:

    • IT forensics
    • public relations
    • legal counsel
    • credit monitoring
    • negotiator and government liaison
    • forensic accounting.
  • Step 3: Recovery

    Get you back to your best.

    Incident response team performs remediation and recovery actions to get your business back in business:

    • minimising the threat/impact
    • mitigating further loss to the business
    • assisting the business recovery
    • remediation.
  • Step 4: Post cyber event

    Once the business is operational, provide:

    • recommendations on system enhancements
    • post-incident assistance
    • management and consultation based on lessons learned.

Initiate your
claim now.

Claim examples

Example Claim Scenario Cyber event protection solution
  • Extortion Attempt

    Claim scenario

    A malicious actor pretending to be tech support gained access to a manufacturing plant’s computer systems. That enabled them to pose as an insider, eventually gaining access to highly restricted information including customer trade secrets, bank details and other sensitive personal information. The hacker threatened to sell trade secrets to competitors and banking details on the black market, and make sensitive personal information public – unless the insured paid.

    Cyber event protection solution

    Cyber Event Protection covers key response costs including: IT forensics, crisis management and public relations, notification costs, credit and identity monitoring and pursuit costs against the perpetrator. It also covers mandatory data breach notifications, including notice to regulators because of the manufacturer’s failure to keep information secure. Defence and settlement costs for third party claims made against the insured are also covered.

  • Cryptolocker Attack

    Claim scenario

    An employee clicked on a plausible email attachment which unleashed a CryptoLocker virus. This prevented the nursing home from operating its systems.

    Cyber event protection solution

    Cyber Event Protection provides coverage for IT forensic technicians to remove the virus, restore the data and secure the IT systems. Resulting loss to the business from decreased revenue or increased costs is also covered.

  • Hacking

    Claim scenario

    A retail clothing store operated an E-commerce website which became infected with malicious code. As a result, the website showed black screens to customers and staff were unable to access orders in the system.

    Cyber event protection solution

    The policy covers removal of the malware and restoration of the website. The impact of lost revenue and increased costs caused by the attack is also covered.

  • Tangible Property

    Claim scenario

    A property manager’s server suffers heat damage during a cyber attack and is no longer suitable for commercial service.

    Cyber event protection solution

    Optional Tangible Property coverage covers the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged equipment.

  • Contingent Business Interruption - supplier outage

    Claim scenario

    An external supplier of a bedding manufacturer suffers a CryptoWall malware attack. Its ‘Just In Time’ manufacturing plant grinds to a halt for three weeks while engineers and IT experts scramble to restore systems and production. As a result of the supplier’s cyber event, the insured could not source critical components and manufacturing operations were interrupted.

    Cyber event protection solution

    If Contingent Business Interruption cover is applicable, we would pay the bedding manufacturer’s impact on business costs arising from an outage at the external supplier’s business.

  • Socially Engineered Theft 1st Party Loss

    Claim scenario

    An accountant’s employee receives a request from a regular supplier’s email address for payment of an outstanding invoice. The employee pays the supplier in good faith and in reliance on the received invoice.

    It turns out the supplier’s invoicing system was hacked and the supplier’s bank account details were changed to the hacker’s account. The paid amount is unrecoverable as a result.

    Cyber event protection solution

    If the accountant’s policy includes Optional Cover for Criminal Financial Loss, including Socially Engineered Theft, the direct financial loss to the accountant is covered, including investigation costs.

  • Socially Engineered Theft 1st Party Loss

    Claim scenario

    A medical centre received communications from a fraudster impersonating the ATO and requiring urgent payment of outstanding taxes.

    The medical centre paid the ‘outstanding’ taxes in good faith having believed the demand was genuine.

    Cyber event protection solution

    If Criminal Financial Loss coverage, including Socially Engineered Theft, is applicable, the lost funds are covered, including investigation costs.

  • Cyber Theft Business e-mail Compromise

    Claim scenario

    A CFO received a fraudulent email from the CEO, whose email account had been compromised due to a Cyber Event, requesting the transfer of a large sum of money. The email convinced the CFO to transfer money to a third party bank account. Later it was determined that the email was not authored by the CEO, but it was too late for the bank to stop the transfer.

    Cyber event protection solution

    Cyber Event Protection will cover forensic investigation of the crime and response costs to remove the threat and secure the email system.

    If Cyber Theft coverage is applicable, the direct financial loss the insured suffered also will be covered.

  • Telephone Phreaking

    Claim scenario

    A marketing firm’s phone system gets hacked. The hacker creates a mailbox to route calls overseas. The unauthorised international calls result in thousands of dollars in call charges.

    Cyber event protection solution

    The policy covers the cost to investigate and remove the threat to the firm’s telephone system. Our optional Cyber Theft and Telephone Phreaking Cover pays the direct financial loss to the insured.

  • Cryptojacking

    Claim scenario

    The insured notices its computers are running slower than usual. Upon further investigation, someone has hacked into their IT infrastructure to use the processing power to mine cryptocurrency.

    Cyber event protection solution

    Cyber Event Protection will cover response costs to remove the virus.

    If Criminal Financial Loss coverage is applicable, the increased bandwidth and electricity costs are also covered.